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Makerspace for Advanced Research, Vital Education and Learning or simply, MARVEL at University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering is being set up at the KR Circle campus with support from the UVCE Graduates Association. Having a determined aim in mind, we hope to turn UVCE into a hub of research and innovation through MARVEL, with encouragement from the college.
MARVEL is poised to spur genuine passion in every learner, inspire decisive action, and redefine conventional education. The goal of MARVEL is to set the ball rolling, perpetuate a sense of innovation in students and help them eventually birth ground-breaking ideas that will change the world.


  • Encourage students to learn on the current trending topics apart from the regular academics and work on projects/experiments to understand them in a practical manner.
  • Initiate collaboration among students of different branches, but with similar interests.
  • Build an ecosystem in the college where the next generation of innovators can be moulded.
  • Develop a plan to make MARVEL sustainable for a long-time with limited resources. Build an independent structure, document every outcome and create a brand for showcasing the talent.
  • With the help of alumni and faculty, work on industry and academia collaboration for setting up specific R&D hubs as part of MARVEL.


One Faculty Advisor (Dr P Deepa Shenoy) and 2 Faculty Co-Ordinators (Dr Triveni and Dr H S Veena) along with 2 Alumni Co-Ordinators (Satish and Lomesh)

There will be student co-ordinators for each domain and instructions/schedule will be shared to students.

Registrations will be open for students every 6 months once and the batches will be shortlisted by the MARVEL team

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5 Niche Domains

MARVEL is enthused by the all the components that go into a functional project- solid concept, structured approach, building a prototype, making it efficient and more. With 5 different domains of focus and several different projects under each domain, MARVEL is all fuelled up and ready to take off.

Internet of Things

Testing networking with small wireless sensor devices and heterogenous communicating objects. View Syllabus in GDrive Download Draft Syllabus

Data Analytics

Hub for projects & topics within AI & ML spanning image recognition & natural language processing View Syllabus in GDrive Download Draft Syllabus


Bridging the gap between digital & physical world to translate ideas from CAD data to real-life prototypes. View Syllabus in GDrive Download Draft Syllabus

Electric Vehicles/
Renewable Energy

Supporting a wide array of EV integration and technology sciences. View Syllabus in GDrive Download Draft Syllabus

Cloud Computing/
Cyber Security

Resource allocation in clouds, cloud security, Big data analytics, cloud storage View Syllabus in GDrive Download Draft Syllabus


MARVEL - First Batch

Registrations for the first batch are open now. Registrations will open for students from all batches and branches (both UG and PG) starting October 10th,2021 for a week.
Students will be allowed to apply every 6 months once and each batch will be shortlisted based on certain criteria. Read the below points carefully before procedding with registration.


  • The main requirement is to be independent, curious, dedicated and passionate about learning.
  • We will be having a Syllabus defined at 3 Levels:
    • LEVEL 1 – Beginner – Learn Pre-Requisites + Complete Basic Projects
    • LEVEL 2 – Intermediate – Complete Projects + Submit Report + One Webinar
    • LEVEL 3 – Advanced – Open Access (Research Project)
  • Assessment and Progress tracking will be done on a regular basis and it will be the onus on the registered person.
  • The students will be provided with Level Completion Certificate on meeting all the requirements
  • Time duration for completion of each Level will be maximum of 6 months.


Understand the
Check the syllabus provided for each of the domain, understand what is that domain all about, get to know about MARVEL structure and process.


Evaluate Yourself
The effort will be from your end and so you will need to be aware of your interests, passion, goals and then choose the path/area of interest.


Showcase Your
Collate the data and present your best self to get an opportunity to become part of MARVEL and dive into the world of innovation and learning.


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